Thimerosal and Autism

Author: mom_to_one, 10 30th, 2012

Thimerosal, also known as thiomersal, was used as a preservative in vaccines, in order to keep vaccines from growing infectious bacteria or other potentially harmful organisms. In recent years, a controversy arose over thimerosal, as many parents feared that it might have been a cause of autism. Typically, people who believe this often believe that some sort of ‘mercury poisoning’ is to blame.

However, actual mercury toxicity symptoms are wildly different from autism symptoms and many of those who believe there is a connection tend to overlook pivotal facts. Scientists have reached a general consensus that thimerosal is not a cause of autism. However, thimerosal as a preservative has still been removed from routine childhood vaccines. To further prove that there is no correlation, autism rates have continued to rise even after thimerosal was removed from these vaccines.

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