Unproven Tactics

Author: mom_to_one, 01 24th, 2013

autism-genetic-complexity_1I’ve been doing some research about possible treatments for autism.  There is no known cure but there are plenty of treatments out there that may help with some of the challenges the disease presents.  Some of these treatments may be more harmful to the patient though.  More research needs to be done in order for these potentially dangerous treatments to be accepted.

Chelation Therapy is an unproven form of therapy that is thought to help treat autism.  It was originally used in World War II as a treatment for people exposed to dangerous gasses that contained mercury and other harmful materials.  Since it is believed that mercury exposure is a cause for autism, chelation therapy would be a solution because it can remove mercury from the body.  It is unproven if mercury is even a cause of autism so exposing an autistic patient to chelation therapy may cause harmful liver and kidney damage.

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