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help your autistic child blog 2 7-07-14Recent autism research has focused more on the gastrointestinal problems that many children with autism have. Some research is starting to suggest that the pain in a child’s digestive system and the inflammation in this area due to an overabundance of certain bacteria could actually be making autism symptoms worse than they are. Gaining balance in bacteria levels may help these symptoms.

Unfortunately, it is too early to really say that autistic children should all be taking probiotics to relieve these symptoms. While these might help and have in some cases, research hasn’t really been done to determine what is changing. If you want to try using good bacteria to help your child, starting with a low dose and carefully monitoring the child would be important.

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help your autistic child blog 2 4-14-14Recently, there have been successful studies on the affects of probiotics on mice with autism. Many parents have been trying to change their children’s diets and reduce certain items with the suspicion that digestive problems and autistic behaviors might be linked in some way. A successful study on mice has now shown there may be some truth to this.

It may be a while before human trials are actually performed, but parents can give probiotics to their children without any fear of many negative affects. This type of treatment is a lot easier than some of the treatments that are recommended for autism. With luck, more research will be done to understand the connection between autism and digestion.

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Autism and Probiotics Studies

Author: mom_to_one, 01 23rd, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 1-20-14Over the last few years, many parents of autistic children have claimed that foods that have a high level of probiotics have helped their autistic children. Some have found that when they have given supplements or specific foods to their children, autistic behavior has been less extreme and the children have been more able to function.

In December, studies with mice showed that a diet high in probiotics actually did minimize the autism-like behaviors that these mice displayed. While this doesn’t necessarily prove that this would be an effective treatment for human children, it does show that parents who claim to have seen results from this type of treatment might actually be on to something.

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An Autism Therapy Using Probiotics

Author: mom_to_one, 12 12th, 2013

HelpYourAutisticChild Pic 2 1292013A very recent study that was published in a scientific journal by researchers at Caltech claims that there is a new type of probiotic therapy that can reverse some of the behavioral and cognitive symptoms that are associated with various autism spectrum disorders. The basis of this idea came from the fact that a pregnant woman having a major viral infection is confirmed to increase the chance of an autistic child.

The trials performed by the scientists at Caltech were on mice and they showed that certain bacteria may be associated with the symptoms of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Though it is still in the early stages, this new autism therapy may be something that will be further researched and the scientists plan to start human testing within the next two years.

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When It’s Time for Probiotics

Author: mom_to_one, 10 29th, 2013

probioticsProbiotics: bacteria that help maintain the natural balance in your intestines. There are all sorts of products on the market that now include them from pills to yogurt to supplements in pill form that get added to water. But how do you know you need these in your diet? While anyone at any time can add the yogurt to their daily diet, there are a few considerations before taking a pill every day.

Many people use probiotics to prevent diarrhea, gas, and cramping caused by antibiotics, as they sometimes kill of the good bacteria along with the bacteria that cause sickness. Currently, they are being studied for benefits in colon cancer, skin infections and irritable bowl syndrome. In the meantime, if you’re feeling bloated, cramped or have diarrhea, it could be a good inclusion for your diet while you’re feeling sick.

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A Treatment for Autism Related to Tuberous Sclerosis

Author: mom_to_one, 09 24th, 2013

image_update_a4208832dd149b79_1365507731_9j-4aaqskThere is a rare genetic disease known as tuberous sclerosis that has been linked to causing autism. Nearly half of children who are born with tuberous sclerosis develop autism, which was part of the considerations made to a recent study regarding treatment for children who had developed autism after being born with tuberous sclerosis.

The medication that was given to children during this study, which is called everolimus, is typically used to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs. However, the study appeared to demonstrate that it worked as an effective treatment for autism, at least in the cases of children who had developed it after being born with tuberous sclerosis.

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The History and Effects of Probiotics

Author: mom_to_one, 08 08th, 2013

3e9395f155a129a5aad61443e28add36The term ‘probiotics’ was first used in 1953 by a bacteriologist named Werner Kollath, defining them as microbes that would stimulate the growth of other microorganisms, leading to a beneficial impact on the host animal. Since this definition of probiotics, there have been many breakthroughs that have determined the possible positive effects they can have on humans.

Probiotics have been known to treat certain forms of gastroenteritis, and it’s no surprise that foods like yogurt, which are full of probiotics, are often suggested to be eaten by those who have severely upset stomachs. Certain probiotics may also be able to reduce cholesterol, the effects of lactose intolerance, and may even be able to help prevent certain kinds of cancer.

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Probiotics For An Upset Stomach

Author: mom_to_one, 05 07th, 2013

Screen-shot-2012-02-21-at-10.30.37-AM1-320x215If you’re recovering from the stomach flu or some other sort of ailment related to the stomach, you might be surprised to hear people suggest that you eat some yogurt. Considering yogurt is a dairy product and dairy products often don’t go well with stomach issues, you might be wary at first, but there is a reason that yogurt is often suggested in these situations.

The reason behind this is that yogurt is full of probiotics, which are essentially beneficial bacteria, some of which can help heal your stomach and intestinal lining from any of the problems and damage that may have been done to yet while you were sick. Frozen yogurt is often known to have probiotics in it as well, though may contain more sugar that your stomach might not be ready for.

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The Benefits Of Probiotics

Author: mom_to_one, 02 05th, 2013

Microscopic WorldMy sister is always looking for new treatments for autism for her son. That’s not unusual for a mother of an autistic child. She likes to read medical journals and go to websites online to catch up on the latest news. She keeps an open dialog with her son’s doctor to make sure he is aware of everything out there. I assured my sister that he is a professional and he probably knows more than she does.

My sister told me about some new tests scientists were doing with probiotics. She says that probiotics help balance out the body’s bacteria. In the case of autism patients, they have an overabundance of a certain type of bacteria and probiotics may be able to help with that. There is more research to be done and a lot more questions need to be answered, but she hopes that one day this treatment will be able to help her son in any way possible.

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My Favorite Frozen Yogurt Place

Author: mom_to_one, 11 06th, 2012

A TCBY recently opened nearby my house and it’s genuinely one of my favorite places to grab a dessert these days. Not only is it a lot cheaper and better-tasting than the Cold Stone that’s down the lane, but they exclusively serve frozen yogurt, which is technically better for you than ice cream.

It’s a pretty cool place; they play electronic music and have a very modern-looking décor. You basically go in, pick up a cup, and self-serve the frozen yogurt, so that you can mix and match with flavors and toppings, and then ultimately pay for the weight – which is great if the only toppings you like are sprinkles, like myself. The frozen yogurt even has probiotics in it, which they claim have a lot of benefits – although from what I’ve heard, the FDA hasn’t proven for certain whether or not they do.

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