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Are Autism and Mercury Poisoning Related?

Author: mom_to_one, 03 20th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 3-17-14Back in 2000, there were many doctors who were convinced that the abundance of autism diagnoses in America might have something to do with the mercury that was in a certain part of childhood vaccinations. In response, many people with autistic children started to learn more about mercury and refrain from getting their children vaccinated.

While the connection between mercury poisoning and autism is receiving less backing today than it did in 2000, many parents are still attempting to use mercury cleanses to reduce the autistic symptoms in their children. Since medical science hasn’t yet given us a cure for autism, this makes sense. Parents just want to try anything that might work.

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Connecting Autism to the Effects of Mercury Poisoning

Author: mom_to_one, 02 18th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 2-17-14Autism diagnosis is on the rise. More and more children are showing the many symptoms of this disorder. This leaves countless parents searching for a cure or even a cause. Doctors and scientists have yet to discover a direct cause for autism or find anything that will work as a definitive cure. The thought is that autism might be linked to genetics.

At one time many people were connecting autism to the effects of mercury poisoning. Doctors have assured parents that it is unlikely that this is the same thing, yet there are cases where children have been diagnosed with autism and then found to actually have mercury poisoning instead. It is something that doctors perhaps rule out to easily in individual cases.

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Recognizing Infant Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

Author: mom_to_one, 01 02nd, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 12-30-13We once used mercury in thermometers, light bulbs, and even felted hats. A lot of this has decreased because we now know that mercury can be dangerous to our health. Burning coal is especially problematic because it releases mercury into the air and makes it so that you can be exposed to it very easily even if you aren’t near to somewhere it is being burned.

Mercury is most dangerous to growing fetuses. Some mercury poisoning symptoms can be impairments in neurological development that will affect a child throughout their lifetime. It has been noted by some scientists that a lot of these symptoms are similar to symptoms for autism, but they are not entirely convinced as to whether there is a link between the two.

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Birth Defects Mercury Poisoning May Cause

Author: mom_to_one, 12 31st, 2013

help your autistic child blog 1 12-30-13Mercury is an incredibly toxic element. The understanding of mercury as a dangerous chemical has come a long way since ancient alchemists were attempting to drink it as an elixir for immortality. We now know that mercury exposure can kill people in large doses, while harming mental and biological functions of the body.

In larger doses, the affects are better understood. In small doses, such as one that an ordinary human being might be exposed to naturally, the affects are not so obvious. Scientists have started looking for birth defects mercury poisoning may have a hand in. Some wonder if autism or other behavioral disorders might be linked to mercury poisoning.

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Autism and Mercury Poisoning

Author: mom_to_one, 12 26th, 2013

help your autistic child blog 2 12-23-13I remember when my teacher brought mercury into our chemistry classroom. At the time, I knew nothing about mercury and didn’t really understand it. I had heard that people should limit the amount of fish that they ate during pregnancy to avoid the mercury that might be in it. I also had some idea that mercury was dangerous and very poisonous.

I was surprised to learn that mercury is part of vaccinations that we give to children. It seems odd to have a dangerous chemical in something that is supposed to make you healthier. Scientists have frequently tried to determine whether mercury poisoning from these vaccinations might be linked to autism in children. There is still no definite conclusion.

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Effect of Mercury Poisoning Similar to Autism

Author: mom_to_one, 11 26th, 2013

It’s always important to diagnose a problem quickly, whether it’s a virus eating your hard drive or a medical issue that needs attention. However, it can be problematic when symptoms are shared between ailments. A consistent problem is the link between mercury poisoning and autism, as the symptoms are nearly identical.

The effects of mercury poisoning range from social deficits to loss of speech, and even include temper tantrums and sound sensitivity. All of these symptoms are typical of what parents are told to look out for in their child’s development to try and catch autism symptoms. If your child has had vaccinations, it’s important not to weigh out the possibility of heavy metals in lieu of autism symptoms.

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Recognize Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

Author: mom_to_one, 10 08th, 2013

Mercury-ElementWhen someone is facing a dangerous situation with their health, it’s important to have as much time on your side as possible. A common problem everyone should recognize is mercury poisoning. Mercury is an element that can be found in the earth’s crust that often deposits in water. The element is pure liquid and often found in shellfish.

This element is used in thermometers, some light bulbs and can be found in rocks, such as coal. Mercury is in the air and often deposits into water, making seafood a common source of exposure to mercury. Mercury poisoning symptoms include impairment of peripheral vision, “pins and needles” in extremities, lack of coordination in movement, speech impairment, and muscle weakness.

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The Birth Defects Mercury Poisoning Can Cause

Author: mom_to_one, 10 01st, 2013

gty_iraq_birth_defects_kb_130322_wgThere is definitely an increased likelihood of succumbing to the symptoms of mercury poisoning when large amounts of fish enter your diet. This is why pescetarians should be extremely careful, especially if they are pregnant. Too much fish, particularly from the wrong sources, could lead to mercury poisoning, which could be disastrous during a pregnancy.

Think about the birth defects mercury poisoning could cause in your child! If you’re not worried about things like this, there is something wrong. It is important to take as much care as possible when pregnant. It’s obvious that things like cigarettes and alcohol should be avoided, but considering the possibility of mercury poisoning, excessive amounts of fish should be avoided as wel

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Mercury Poisoning in Peru

Author: mom_to_one, 09 26th, 2013

Miners_of_Madre_de_Dios_region_9903_11573_transcript_pulloutRecently, mercury poisoning entered the news again, in an incident that has been occurring in Peru. Many of the indigenous people living in Peru, particularly the children, have been discovered to have high levels of mercury in their systems. It has been determined that the reason for this is due to illegal gold mining being done in the Amazon.

The way that this is happening is due to the fact that gold miners use mercury to extract gold from river silt. Due to this process, they wind up dumping more than 30 tons of mercury in rivers and lakes in the Amazon region every year. Native Peruvians who fish in these rivers find themselves much more likely to suffer from mercury poisoning symptoms.

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The Widespread Effects of Mercury Poisoning

Author: mom_to_one, 08 22nd, 2013

pollutejpg.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxThe side effects of mercury poisoning are widespread and are not limited to one aspect of the body. There are so many potential detrimental effects from mercury poisoning that it is often overlooked by doctors since there are too many potential symptoms to pull from. Frequently, there are issues with the central nervous system, leading to perceived erratic personality changes.

Other effects of mercury poisoning can be gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, immunologic, or more externally obvious such as the loss of hair or loosening of teeth. Some people become more sensitive to certain foods while others have drooping eyelids and constant vertigo. If sudden strange symptoms are occurring for you or someone you know, consider mercury poisoning as the source.

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