From Articles On Autism To Planning Fundraisers

Author: mom_to_one, 02 12th, 2013

autism-society-logoMy aunt has dedicated her life to a good and noble cause. Her son was diagnosed with autism and she has been nothing but supportive ever since. She’s not one to back away from any challenges so it didn’t surprise anybody that she wanted to become a well-known speaker on behalf of autism.

My aunt started her quest writing articles on autism. She researched the causes, the treatments, and the symptoms of autism and wrote weekly articles on her findings and posted it on her own website dedicated to autism. She has a working relationship with many doctors and scientists in the field and often uses them as a resource for information and credibility. She coordinated a few fundraisers which raised a lot of money towards autism research and is now regarded highly in the autism community. She still finds time to be with her son as much as she can and is an active participant in his treatment. We are all so proud of her and were expecting that she would have accomplished everything she set out to.

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