The Benefits Of Helping

Author: mom_to_one, 01 17th, 2013

MomChildCutI always keep an eye out for any autism related information I come across because it may be of help to my friend who has a child with autism.  I know she needs help and I like to do anything that will make her life easier.  I attend therapy sessions with her and her child to assist with the physical and behavioral therapy.  Her child does real well in his sessions and I’m sure she is so very proud of the progress that he is making.

I make it a routine to send her weekly updates with articles I found on autism and general autism news.  I also like to spend some time with her child because he seems to respond well to me when I visit.  My friend frequents autism symposiums and I also try to go to those with her.  There is so much new information on autism that I am able to learn about during these symposiums that I look forward to it every time.  I relay the information to my husband when we get home and he also finds it interesting and decided to come with us the next time we go.

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