Helping Out

Author: mom_to_one, 01 10th, 2013

My mother is helping out an old family friend by caring for her autistic daughter.  It is incredibly noble of her to lend a hand and I’m sure her friend appreciates all that she is doing for her.  My mother is always willing to help in any way that she can.  Everyone seems to be benefitting; my mother learned to be more patient and her friend got some support that she needed.

My mother inspires me to make myself a better person.  I’ve been doing some research online about treatment for autism to learn more about the condition and to try and find some tips for my mother and her friend to use.  I know it’s a very difficult situation and I just want to help out in any way that I can so doing some research is the least that I can do to make their lives a little bit easier.  I learned that by educating yourself about autism, you can be more effective in treating the condition.

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