A Life Dedicated To Autism Research

Author: mom_to_one, 02 21st, 2013

Martina with netI know a lot of successful people. Most of them I’ve known since I was a child. A few of my friends grew up to be lawyers, doctors, and scientists. We still keep in touch and occasionally get together for a meal or some drinks. I enjoy our time together because we talk about what we are currently doing and I realized that we are all trying to change the world for the better.

My friend is a scientist who specializes in autism. He does lots of autism research in hopes that he can pinpoint a sure-fire cure. I am proud of him for dedicating his life to such a noble cause. With more funding for his research, I seriously think he would be able to find some sort of cure for autism. He has always been the smartest and most determined out of all of us. That is why I expect such big things out of him. I know a few people with autism and I would imagine how their lives would be positively impacted if and when a cure will be found.

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