Putting A Face On Autism Awareness

Author: mom_to_one, 02 14th, 2013

untitledEvery year, I like to dedicate myself to a cause. Last year, it was to raise awareness for the inhumane treatment of animals in captivity. I donated money and ran numerous marathons and half marathons to raise even more money. Helping out gives me a great feeling inside and I feel that everyone should do it at least once in their lives so the world can be a somewhat better place to live in.

My mother suggested that this year, I should raise autism awareness. Not too many people are educated about the causes for autism and how it can be treated. There are a few autistic children in my school and it’s good to have a face for the cause you support. I find that you are likely to work harder if you know somebody that is affected by it. I wanted to make t-shirts with the children’s faces on it to wear during marathons or rallies. I think I should be able to raise more money this way. I have a set goal I want to achieve and I will do anything in my power to accomplish it.

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