The Importance Of Autism Education

Author: mom_to_one, 02 19th, 2013

autisticOne of my classmates has autism. He has special aides to help him with his schoolwork and to make sure that all his needs are met. It was the first time most of us have met someone with autism and now we’re learning how to treat people with autism. Our teacher says we have to be patient and understanding and to not alienate him because he is different from us.

At the beginning of every week, our teacher would give us a lesson in autism education. She would cover topics like how autism is caused and the different treatments that are available for people with autism. We would ask her questions and she would do her best to answer them. I think it’s good that she feeds us all this information about a condition that we know little about. Now everybody knows a little more about what people with autism have to go through. We help out by participating in his exercises and by being social with him. We play board games with him and also help him out with his lessons. I learned that autism education can benefit everybody.

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