Switching To PCA-PX

Author: mom_to_one, 01 31st, 2013

unnamedI’ve been researching alternatives to chelation therapy for my nephew. I am concerned about his present treatments being a little too much for him. He’s only four-years-old and no child of his age should have to be intravenously treated if there is another viable option available out there. I’ve been posting on online forums asking other parents of children with autism what they recommend as an alternative.

One mother told me that her child switched to PCA-RX with encouraging results. It’s a natural toxin removal treatment that is administered orally and his no known side-effects. Her child responded well to it and is now doing well with speech and is able to attend regular classes in school. I told my sister about it and she asked her son’s doctor to switch to it. It’s been a couple of weeks since my nephew switched to PCA-RX and he is steadily showing improvements in his speech patterns and is more focused when doing schoolwork. I’m glad he’s responding well to it and hopefully he will continue to progress at this rate.

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