Support for Those Parenting a Child with Autism

Author: mom_to_one, 07 29th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 7-28-14When my nephew was first diagnosed with autism, it was his parents who had that hardest time dealing with the news. They weren’t sure what to do or where to turn. Their son had just been diagnosed with an incurable developmental disorder and he would never be the same as other children. One of the big steps toward helping their son was building a support system to help them.

Since parenting a child with autism can be challenging, confusing, and downright worrying, they started meeting with other parents who had autistic children. Getting information on treatments outside of the medical system and recommendations for different therapies ensured that they were informed when trying to work with their child and his doctors. It made everything a bit easier.

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Reading Autism Information as it Becomes Available

Author: mom_to_one, 07 24th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 7-21-14As an aunt to an autistic child, I am always very interested in any new information that is discovered about autism. I think that it is interesting to learn more about how my nephew’s brain works or what may have caused him to be autistic in the first place. There are constantly new theories and new pieces being put together in a similar way to figuring out a mystery.

As autism information continues to come to light, I am always looking for more insights into my nephew and what can be done to help him. It is very difficult to see him having to suffer as he tries to fit in with the world. I often wish some discovery could be made to ensure that he wouldn’t struggle so much. My sister often tries treatments that are recommended, but her son’s health and happiness are always priority.

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Articles on Autism Help Foster Better Understanding

Author: mom_to_one, 07 22nd, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 7-21-14When my nephew was first diagnosed with autism, I turned to the internet to determine what could be done for him. I initially discovered that I had very little idea of what autism really was and much less of an idea of how it could be treated. I was glad to have the internet as a priceless resource to give me somewhere to ask all of the stupid questions that I had.

By reading several articles on autism and individuals who dealt with this diagnosis, I was able to better understand what my nephew might be dealing with. I found it especially interesting to read some articles that were written by people who had autism or had family with autism. I was able to learn how an autistic child ought to be talked to and discover some possible treatments and therapies.

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Unlimited Options for Autism Treatments

Author: mom_to_one, 07 17th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 7-14-14When a child is diagnosed with autism, parents are usually given a wide range of options on how to proceed. Parents can choose to put their children into behavioral therapy and work with their children themselves. Recent changes in many states’ healthcare requirements have made it so that insurance has to cover some of these treatments so parents don’t pay out of pocket.

Parents aren’t just limited to autism treatments recommended by their doctor of course. There are many more naturopathic remedies that some people have found to improve autism symptoms. Since many of these remedies haven’t been proven medically, doctors are usually wary to recommend them. Luckily, with the internet parents can do their own research and make decisions for their children.

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help your autistic child blog 1 7-14-14There are parents and people with autism all over the world that have long hoped to hear about the discovery of a gene that is causing autism. If scientists can isolate a specific gene that might be causing autism, there is hope that autism could be treated much more easily. This would also mean that parents could identify autism early on and be more prepared to deal with it.

Recent autism news says that researchers have seen mutations in a single gene that appear to only occur with a certain type of autism. This is a big step forward in autism research because before there has never been a mutation discovered that caused autism in every case. Researchers are hopeful that a greater understanding of this mutation may help lead to greater autism understanding.

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help your autistic child blog 2 7-07-14Recent autism research has focused more on the gastrointestinal problems that many children with autism have. Some research is starting to suggest that the pain in a child’s digestive system and the inflammation in this area due to an overabundance of certain bacteria could actually be making autism symptoms worse than they are. Gaining balance in bacteria levels may help these symptoms.

Unfortunately, it is too early to really say that autistic children should all be taking probiotics to relieve these symptoms. While these might help and have in some cases, research hasn’t really been done to determine what is changing. If you want to try using good bacteria to help your child, starting with a low dose and carefully monitoring the child would be important.

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help your autistic child blog 1 7-07-14My aunt saw changes in her daughter shortly after she was given a set of shots as an infant. The baby had been developing in a fairly normal fashion, but suddenly was a lot fussier and more difficult to deal with. A baby that had been babbling constantly was suddenly quiet. My aunt did a bit of research and soon became worried about mercury affecting her child’s brain development.

My aunt discovered that chelation therapy might be able to help my cousin by removing heavy metals from her body. However the procedure had so many risks, that my aunt was nervous. She ended up finding a more natural remedy that was less likely to cause harm to her daughter while helping her to improve. Soon after she began using it, she started to see my cousin learning new words.

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help your autistic child blog 2 6-30-14One of the big problems with autism is that it can only be detected and really diagnosed when children are three or four years old. This means that years have already been wasted in which children and their parents could already have been learning about autism and working to reduce symptoms before they even start. Earlier detection of autism could help change that.

Recent autism research has been focused on finding commonalities in children that are later diagnosed with autism within ultrasound images. The hope is that they could diagnose children with the possibility of developing autism while a woman was still pregnant so that parents could be more prepared and aware. Of course, studies like this take years, but initial results are promising.

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Be Your Child’s Autism Education Advocate

Author: mom_to_one, 07 01st, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 6-30-14When it comes to educating autistic children, there are a lot of possible resources that can be utilized to ensure a child gets the best possible education. Unfortunately, many schools claim that they don’t have the adequate funds to go above and beyond to provide every child with the highest level of education. Some schools try to just provide a minimum level of education.

When it comes to autism, education appropriate for the child is most important to help an autistic child live a more normal life. As a parent, it is your job to advocate for autism education that is appropriate for your child. Being involved in your child’s education and keeping in contact with the school system can help ensure that your child gets the education that they really deserve.

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help your autistic child blog 2 6-23-14Since the nineties there has been a level of concern regarding the preservatives that are used in vaccinations. One well known preservative was found to have trace amounts of mercury, which led parents to worry that their children would be affected by this heavy metal. The discovery that autism symptoms and mercury poisoning symptoms were similar led to further concern.

Since 1999 the amount of vaccines that contain thimerosal has gone down considerably. Now vaccines that are given to children under six years of age have either eliminated or minimized the amount of preservative in the vaccine. There is hope that eliminating this preservative will mean that more people are willing to vaccinate their children without fear of them becoming autistic.

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