help your autistic child blog 2 9-16-14Flu season is just around the corner and it is almost time to be prepared. A recent news article predicts that the flu season may be early this year because there has already been one patient testing positive for influenza B this year. Soon doctors will be pushing for families to get vaccinated to ensure that they are protected from the unpleasant onslaught of the flu virus.

Of course, something to know when vaccinating your children with a flu vaccine is that these vaccines are one of the only childhood vaccines that are still preserved using thimerosal. This compound contains mercury in levels that have been questioned in regard to safety for children. Some people worry that this compound may contribute to autism symptoms.

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Dealing with Birth Defects Mercury Poisoning Can Cause

Author: mom_to_one, 09 16th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 9-16-14One of the things that many parents find hard to take is the fact that it is difficult to protect a child from everything. The reality of the world that we are currently living in is that children are bound to be exposed to toxins. This can even happen while a baby is not even born as the mother consumes foods such as fish that might be filled with toxins from a polluted water source.

One of the biggest fears in eating seafood during pregnancy is the birth defects mercury poisoning can cause. While the exposure may not harm the mother initially, it can cause harm to a much smaller fetus. There are some concerns as to if mercury poisoning might cause autism later in the development of an infant or cause other problems with brain development.

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help your autistic child blog 2 9-08-14Back in the early 2000’s people were just putting together the clues that showed that mercury poisoning and autism might have something to do with one another. Most children were given two shots that contained mercury when they were still fairly young. After some of these children had both of these shots, they started to behave quite differently.

These clues were put together with the idea that autism and mercury poisoning symptoms were very close together. This doesn’t mean that the mercury in these vaccines definitely caused the autism symptoms since many children who received these vaccines had no problems after receiving them. It suggests that these children might have a higher sensitivity to mercury though.

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Heavy Metal Detox Might Help Some Kids with Autism

Author: mom_to_one, 09 09th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 9-08-14Often times, children who have autism are picked on by their peers. A recent story about some students tormenting an autistic boy by dumping a bucket of gross things over his head instead of the ice water meant to be part of the ice bucket challenge is just one example. It is no surprise that parents and children with autism will try many things to try to help their children fit in better.

On thing that many parents have been trying is using a heavy metal detox to improve autism symptoms. These parents believe that autism symptoms may be caused or exacerbated by the heavy metals that are found in our environment. Many of these parents believe that the detox will help their children show fewer symptoms and have a better life.

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help your autistic child blog 2 9-02-14After decades of polluting the planet and using chemicals in our food and water supply, we have actually started to experience damage from these chemicals in our environment. While mercury has been mostly removed from childhood vaccinations, it was originally found in all of them. It can also be found in many of the foods that people consume regularly.

It is no surprise that disorders like autism are on the rise. With the growing exposure to mercury in many forms, it is hard not to see a link between mild mercury poisoning and many of the symptoms associated with autism. While the symptoms may not come only from the mercury, sensitivity in an individual could make it so autism is triggered by exposure to chemicals.

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Spreading Autism Awareness Across the Neighborhood

Author: mom_to_one, 09 02nd, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 9-02-14When my family moved into a home in a tight knit community, I was looking forward to being able to introduce the community to my family, but I was a bit nervous about how they’d react to my autistic son. Ever since my son was diagnosed with autism, I’ve had to advocate for him with everyone. I try to make them understand that he is not misbehaving, but dealing with a developmental disorder.

I plan to help spread autism awareness throughout my community by talking to all of the families individually and giving them important information about my son. I know that it is important for them to understand so that they know how to work with him if they encounter him around the neighborhood. Helping my neighbors understand autism will give my son a better environment to live in.

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help your autistic child blog 2 8-25-14A recent study on autistic brains and normal brains lead to the discovery that autistic people appear to have too many synapses in their brains. These are the parts of the brain where connections are made and stimulus is received. Normal brains have less of them because the body natural destroys some of these connections as they become unnecessary.

The study also found that autistic people had an overactive protein that blocked the brain’s natural ability to destroy these extra synapses. This could explain why many autism symptoms exist. Researchers are currently looking at a medication to block this protein as a new treatment for autism. There are more tests that need to be done but this definitely looks promising.

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help your autistic child blog 1 8-25-14Many studies of children with autism have shown that these children are susceptible to yeast imbalances and stomach problems that might make their autism symptoms worse. It isn’t surprising that symptoms of autism come out more when kids aren’t feeling their best. Any sick child will act differently and sometimes behave in a way that is abnormal.

For autistic children who have problems with yeast imbalance and their stomach, going through a Candida cleanse can help. This won’t be the magical cure for autism that makes a child normal again, but it can make it so that autism symptoms are less extreme. More importantly it’ll keep the child feeling good which will give the child a higher quality of life.

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Removing Toxins with PCA-Rx May Help Autistic Children

Author: mom_to_one, 08 21st, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 8-18-14If you compare the symptoms of autism and the symptoms of certain types of heavy metal poisoning, it is easy to see where some of these symptoms line up really well. Some people speculate that autism may be caused by a similar type of poisoning or that people with autism may have a sensitivity to heavy metals that makes their symptoms worse.

Whatever the reason, many people have seen success with their autistic children when they dosed them with PCA-Rx, a formula that allows for natural toxin elimination in the body. This formula seems to make it so that autistic symptoms are minimized. Many of these children improve drastically when given the formula and make large developmental steps forward.

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Insurance Coverage for Autism Therapy

Author: mom_to_one, 08 19th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 8-18-14When a child is diagnosed with autism, a parent’s primary focus should be on doing everything in their power to help that child live the best life possible. Of course in many states this may be quite difficult because the cost of treatment is high and insurance doesn’t cover everything. Getting a child the care that they need may cost families over 50,000 dollars a year.

If parents want to give their children access to autism therapy, they might have to shell out thousands of dollars just to get their child the treatment that they really deserve. It is shocking that there are still states dragging their feet when it comes to requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for this. Many parents turn to alternative remedies because they can’t afford traditional treatments.

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