help your autistic child blog 2 4-14-14Recently, there have been successful studies on the affects of probiotics on mice with autism. Many parents have been trying to change their children’s diets and reduce certain items with the suspicion that digestive problems and autistic behaviors might be linked in some way. A successful study on mice has now shown there may be some truth to this.

It may be a while before human trials are actually performed, but parents can give probiotics to their children without any fear of many negative affects. This type of treatment is a lot easier than some of the treatments that are recommended for autism. With luck, more research will be done to understand the connection between autism and digestion.

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help you autistic child blog 1 4-14-14Over the past couple of decades, a lot of progress has been made on treating autism. Many studies have been done to prove certain treatments as viable while proving that others are merely harmful and should not be attempted. Chelation was one treatment that used to be heavily touted as a life changing autism treatment.

Over time, many studies were done to show that chelation therapy was actually not a good idea for most children. Rather than subjecting your child to this therapy, you might want to try clathration therapy instead. This therapy involves orally taking an array of glycoproteins which bond to toxins within the body and flush them out.

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Are Thimerosal Risks Worth Protection from the Flu?

Author: mom_to_one, 04 10th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 4-7-14Before vaccinations existed children frequently died from diseases like the measles. Even more recently a vaccine against the chicken pox was developed to prevent its more dangerous appearance during teen years or adulthood. Vaccination for your child is important to protect them against deadly diseases.

The only vaccine that currently contains thimerosal (a preserving agent made with mercury) is the flu vaccination. Many doctors will push this vaccination upon parents citing some cases where the flu can become deadly. However, it is very important to look up the risks of the preserving agent to decide if protection from the flu is worth the possible dangers.

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help your autistic child blog 1 4-7-14Last year several new autism studies were completed and advances in understanding of autism was improved to some degree. While many of the studies remain to be retested to see if they have relevance, a lot of these studies saw links between diet and autism symptoms. This doesn’t mean that diet causes the symptoms, but could mean a different diet might improve them.

One large study involving a diverse group of autistic children found that these children had a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms and linked these symptoms to some of the more severe autism symptoms. Another study showed that using probiotics in autistic mice made them more social. More autism research is needed to confirm results, but it sounds like a promising lead.

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Holistic Heavy Metal Detox for Children with Autism

Author: mom_to_one, 04 03rd, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 3-31-14If you have a child that has autism, then you know how incredibly challenging it can be to live day to day life as you would with a normal child. Behavior issues and challenges in school can plague these children. Of course, traditional medical science hasn’t found a cure for autism yet, so we’re stuck just treating symptoms.

Some people look for holistic remedies instead of following the usual medical path of therapy. Even if you are following the guidelines from normal medical science, you can choose to add a holistic portion to your attempts to help your child. Getting a natural heavy metal detox or creating a yeast free diet are some things to try.

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Autism Education for Your Child and Those Around You

Author: mom_to_one, 04 01st, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 3-31-14Once a child is diagnosed with autism, parents should start considering many different options when it comes to the education of this child. Since children with autism require more reinforcement and specialized learning techniques, special schools or classrooms may be appropriate. Providing the child with a positive education environment is important.

It is also very important that you educate your friends and family so that they know how to behave around your child. Giving relatives and friends a good autism education can allow them to handle a child’s bad behavior in a way that will help your child more. It will also give them some idea of what to expect and what to not expect from the child.

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help your autistic child blog 2 3-24-14In the last decade, scientists have been comparing the way that the symptoms of many different disorders could be connected to other disorders. One of the big mysteries is that the symptoms of mercury poisoning and the symptoms of autism are so similar. For the most part, scientists claim that this doesn’t make them the same thing.

However, they don’t seem to have any solid explanation for why mercury poisoning symptoms are easily seen to be similar to those of autism. There of course is the possibility that this is simply a coincidence. However, it seems odd that two medical problems could look so similar, without having some connection.

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help your autistic child blog 1 3-24-14The exposure to large amounts of mercury can result in some very extreme effects. Usually, people are worried about higher levels of mercury because these cause the most extreme side effects, including problems with breathing and loss of coordination. Smaller levels of exposure are more dangerous to fetuses and small children.

Even when the level of mercury is one that a mother’s body can handle, the fetus of a pregnant woman can be affected. Scientists have discovered many different birth defects mercury poisoning may be the cause of. There are some who wonder whether autism could be a milder effect of mercury poisoning as well.

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Are Autism and Mercury Poisoning Related?

Author: mom_to_one, 03 20th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 2 3-17-14Back in 2000, there were many doctors who were convinced that the abundance of autism diagnoses in America might have something to do with the mercury that was in a certain part of childhood vaccinations. In response, many people with autistic children started to learn more about mercury and refrain from getting their children vaccinated.

While the connection between mercury poisoning and autism is receiving less backing today than it did in 2000, many parents are still attempting to use mercury cleanses to reduce the autistic symptoms in their children. Since medical science hasn’t yet given us a cure for autism, this makes sense. Parents just want to try anything that might work.

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Boost Autism Awareness During April

Author: mom_to_one, 03 18th, 2014

help your autistic child blog 1 3-17-14Autism now affects one out of every 88 children in America. That is a huge portion of our children. As these kids get older, it means that the likelihood of anyone coming in contact with someone who is autistic is also rising. It might not be your child or a friend’s child, but you are likely to come in contact with one of these unique children or adults eventually.

This is why it is so important to celebrate autism awareness month in April. It is important that everyone learns a little bit more about autism and the way that it affects many of the people in their community. By raising awareness, there is hope for some understanding and acceptance of the children and adults who are affected by this disorder.

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